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Von Dutch short sleeved mens shirt - Royal blue

£45.00 Original approx. price £120.00


This item is no longer available


Designed by: Von Dutch
Size: L


Fabric: Cotton
Condition: Gently used
Seller ships to: Worldwide

Shirt is royal blue with army camouflage pattern on shoulders, front pocket area, and back. Very thick and dense in quality cotton, giving the effect real denim.
Front left has a zip pocket where the Von Dutch name appears.
Front right in army camo reads "EVOLVE" with sign below.
Both shoulders have army lapels with buttons.
Back top in black. reads " EVOLVE 5 NYC, STREET SOILDERS - 091101, NO SURRENDER, NO RETREAT, NO DOULBT." no5 in yellow.
Back bottom reads "Von Dutch originals, mark of dutch no. LA90046.

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