Fripping genius

Fundraising at the drop of a hat, coat or little black dress


You want to donate to charity but you frankly don't seem to have the time to bundle up your designer clothes and take them down the local charity shop. That’s cool, we’re all human. So guess what, you don’t have to anymore. No, really. And this is why.


Fripping™ is our masterplan to revolutionize the way you donate to charity. We can collect your second hand designer clothes, and once they’ve sold, we’ll send all the proceeds directly to the charity or charity project of your choice.


Fashion to funds in a click


Why are we doing this? Because we want full choice of which charity receives our donations not just the few retail outlets that accept clothes locally. Because we want to raise as much as we can with luxury garments. Because we’re tired of seeing fashion wasted. We’re tired of donating to charity and not seeing exactly what difference we make or how much money we have raised. 


Fripping™ is the answer to all these woes. And it is set to revolutionize the way you donate to charity forever. 


How ‘fripping™’ works:


  • Select the designer clothes, shoes or accessories you no longer want (they could be new or slightly worn).
  • We collect them from you, for free wherever you are in the world.
  • We sell your second hand designer items online through the
  • Once your items have sold, 60% of the sale goes directly to a charity of your choice.
  • You can log-in to anytime to see how a sale is going, or view how much you’ve raised.


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