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Protecting the rights of girls and women

Monday 17 November


How second-hand designer clothes are protecting the rights of girls and women


Catapult charity clothes


Today marks the start of an exciting partnership between the UK’s leading second-hand designer clothes recycling website: – and Catapult: the crowd-sourcing charity that funds projects around the world championing positive change for girls and women.


Thanks to this new alliance, fashion-lovers can now sell the luxury clothes they no longer wear through and select a Catapult project they’d like their profits to help fund.


Catapult projects include: setting up free education workshops for Nepalese girls, creating child marriage free zone in Pakistan, and providing safe homes from women escaping domestic violence.


Isla D’Aubigny, Style Director and Founder of the, says, “Through the clothes agency, fashion-lovers can request a collection of their second-hand designer clothing (free of charge) and select an area they’d like to help, such as education, violence against women, or human trafficking. then lists their luxury clothes, shoes and accessories for sale, and gives live status updates showing sellers how much their pre-loved wardrobe has raised at anytime.


In return for their support, Catapult shows exactly where their money has gone – even down to the specific items bought – and gives the seller updates about how funding for the project is progressing.


What’s more, Catapult keeps in touch with a supporter once the project is fully funded to let them know the difference it is making to the lives of girls and women.”


Isla continues, “We are so excited to be partnering with Catapult – it marks the start of a brand new way for second-hand fashion to make real change in the lives of women and girls.


What’s more, it signals the beginning of a new type of giving; one where a donor can see specifically where and how their money is being used – almost as if they were on the ground doing the project work themselves.”



Catapult is the only crowd-funding platform dedicated to helping organisations raise funds to improve the lives of girls and women around the world. Projects that need the support of passionate donors are listed by Catapult, then people can make donations to help to fund them.  Once a project has reached its fundraising goal, 100% of the funds are sent to the organisation so that the project can start.